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Author Topic: Travel the battlefield of Waterloo in company of Rifleman Harris  (Read 551 times)

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'Over the Hills' : Battle of Waterloo 1815 - with Rifleman Harris of Sharpe's Rifles and @BernardWilkin

Waterloo 1815– Over the hills and far away
Travel the battlefield of Waterloo in company of Rifleman Harris of Sharpe’s Rifles

12.10.2018 – 15.10.2018

Waterloo 1815 – Over the Hills and Far Away

The Battle of Waterloo remains one of the most controversial confrontations of all time. Why did Napoleon waste so many men on Hougoumont? What was Ney thinking when he launched his gigantic cavalry charge? Did the Prussians really save the day? How close did Napoleon come to achieving victory and can we explain his irrational decisions before and during the fateful battle. Where was Grouchy and why did he not reach the battlefield? For the last 200 years, these questions, and many more, have haunted historians. The encounter has been portrayed countless times on TV, including in one of the most beloved British fictional stories, the tales of Richard Sharpe. Tales of the Battlefield Tours gives you the unique opportunity to explore the place where the dramatic day unfolded. With a foremost historian of the Napoleonic armies and one of the leading actors of the Sharpe television series, discover the sights and understand the past by learning about new theories and hearing, quite uniquely, about the French side of the battle.