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Author Topic: Sheffield's Sean Bean named in top 10 film stars most likely to die on screen  (Read 534 times)

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VIDEO: Sheffield's Sean Bean named in top 10 film stars most likely to die on screen - watch all his movie fatalities here

He's known as the actor who dies in every movie - and now Sheffield film star Sean Bean has been named among the top ten actors most likely to snuff it on screen. The rundown of actors least likely to make it to the end of a film sees Bean clinching sixth spot - making him one of Hollywood's most likely casualties when it comes to a star's character dying on screen. examined film databases to find the actors and actresses that struggle to make the end of each movie. Sean Bean, a man renowned for his bad luck on-screen, surprisingly missed out on the top 5, with Dracula star Christopher Lee topping the list.The survey found that Bean has died in 25 of his 119 films - giving him a survival rate of just 21%.The Goldeneye and Lord of The Rings star has met so many grisly ends in films that his name has become synonymous with on screen death,He famously met his end inside a giant satellite dish in the James Bond thriller and breathed his last in Equilibrium when his character was shot in the face for reading poetry. Lee meanwhile, died in 60 films, while other big scorers are John Hurt (45) and Samuel L Jackson (28).In the top 15 list, the actors have a combined count of over 400 deaths spanning with their weird and wonderful endings spanning nearly 90 years of filmmaking.In his autobiography, the late Christopher Lee said ‘I could die for you in every way known to man, and in a few ways only known to scriptwriters‘ which is a quote that rings true for many of these actors and actresses.

You can see the full rundown HERE

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