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Author Topic: How TV drama washed away toxic masculinity  (Read 399 times)

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How TV drama washed away toxic masculinity
« on: December 19, 2017, 02:30:35 AM »

From Taboo to Mindhunter: how TV drama washed away toxic masculinity

They were tarnished – but they were real. Like bad boy Tom Hardy in Taboo, men dug deeper to become more fragile and tormented in the best shows of 2017

It was the year the antihero finally died. Instead, 2017’s most interesting TV shows gave us complicated, nuanced and often surprising takes on masculinity. Gone were the brooding loners of cable television’s golden age. In their place came stories that dared to ask: “What makes a man?”

They have also realised that heroism comes in many guises. Broken, Jimmy McGovern’s emotional, ultimately uplifting tale of a Catholic priest, works largely because of the way it took Sean Bean, that most rugged of actors, and allowed him to be vulnerable. Bean’s Father Michael Kerrigan was a world away from the sword-swingers for which the actor is best known. Instead here was a quiet, gentle man, battling a sadness caused as much by what he had done to others as by what was done to him. It was a moving, vanity-free performance and one that carefully unpicked preconceptions of masculinity to tell us a story about an ordinary man who helped others almost despite himself.