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Author Topic: Launch of BBC First Poland  (Read 604 times)

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Launch of BBC First Poland
« on: October 11, 2018, 01:35:49 PM »
Jesteśmy na gali BBC First, a razem z nami jest tu Sean Bean! On na czerwonym dywanie, my tylko sobie patrzymy :) #celebrity #seanbean #event #evening #bbc #actor #gameofthrones
......We're at BBC First, and Sean Bean is here with us! He is on the red carpet, we only look at him :) #celebrity #seanbean #event #evening #bbc #actor #gameofthrones

Sean Bean (59) came to Poland with his wife Ashley Moore. The actor best known from the movie "GoldenEye" graced the gala for the premiere of the BBC First channel.
Sean Bean will be one of the main stars of BBC First, which debuts on October 26 in Poland.
 The British station will show mainly its native series. At the beginning, we will know the production of "Broken" (Friday, October 26, at 22:30)

Nice pic!

Here's a little context information about BBC First in Poland:

More pictures here

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Re: Launch of BBC First Poland
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2018, 02:17:30 AM »
"I heard that he shook people in Poland strongly." Star "Gry o throne" about "Klerze" by Smarzowski

He played Ned Stark in "Game for the throne". Now he came to Poland to promote the series "Broken", in which he plays the role of a priest. We asked him if he saw "Kler".

On 11 October, the BBC First channel was launched, where we will see British TV series . The opening ceremony was attended by actor Sean Bean , known for his role as Ned Stark, the beloved hero of 'The Throne Game'.

- I play a priest in the series "Broken" - he says in an interview with Wirtualna Polska. - Developing this character was a great experience. Getting to know who he is. Finding out about his dreams, fears, thoughts, demons and the fight he is fighting with himself. It was a very satisfying job. I will remember this role forever. I think it's the best I've played so far - explains Bean.

A priest fighting his own demons? Something reminds us. So we asked the actor if he had heard about Wojciech Smarzowski's "Glue" . The answer is surprising.
- Unfortunately I did not watch it, but I saw ads. I also heard that people talk about him. And very positively. They say it's a great drama. I also heard that he strongly shook people here in Poland.
Sean Bean also revealed that this is not his first visit to Poland

- I've been here several times. Recently, I visited friends in Krakow. It was snowing, we visited the monastery, the atmosphere was amazing. But I've never been to Warsaw before. I know the history of this city and admire the courage of its inhabitants. I'm glad I'm here .

 In " Game of thrones " we saw him for the last time in 2011. Heroes have changed a lot. In an interview with WP Bean, he boasted that he continued to follow the series, although he still has a few episodes to catch up to. And who in his opinion should win "Game for the throne"?
- Of course, I keep my fingers crossed for my family. For Starków! - he answers with a laugh.

BBC First: Sean Bean on the gala of the new channel with British TV series

BBC TV starts with a new thematic channel.  BBC First will be entirely devoted to British series productions.  On this occasion in Warsaw, the official gala was held, with Sean Bean as the honorary guest.  The British actor came to Poland to promote his series "Broken".  "I played a lonely man, full of drugs and doubts," he said about the role of Father Bean.
A new channel will be launched in Poland on October 26 - BBC First - devoted entirely to British serials.  On this occasion in Warsaw the official gala took place, with Sean Bean, an actor known for his roles in "Lord of the Rings", "GoldenEye", "Game for the Throne" and "Troy".  Bean came to Poland to promote his new series entitled  "Broken".  This is a story about a priest who, despite his previous trauma, helps to get out to the simple members of his community.

  "I played a lonely man, full of drugs and doubts, Father Michael did not think he was a priest, and even when he stayed, he thought he was useless, I was still thinking on the set whether I was actually playing a priest. A real clergyman would behave in my place, or maybe I was just a cheater and imitator? I wanted to prepare everything well. During the recording of one of the scenes, I had a mass for seven hours. I was still trained. "

 Grażyna Torbicka, who conducted the conversation, remarked that receiving such a guest in Poland is a great pleasure.

  "Father Michael is a character who dictates his rights and principles, a controversial hero who fits in with debates and discussions on the role of priests in today's world." There are still a lot of actors I would like to talk to. Sean Bean was one of my dream characters. big happiness".

  "Sean Bean probably has a very long list of fans, I can also stand in this queue, although probably more in the middle than at the beginning, I feel great respect for him, because we all know him from a lot of interesting roles here in a completely different, strange and For me, I was expecting something different, and it was very strong, I've watched a lot of series, and the second is waiting for me so much. You have to have all the time for it, but I'm absolutely a serialomaniac! "  - commented Odeta Moro who was present at the gala.
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Re: Launch of BBC First Poland
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2018, 07:16:54 AM »
Sean Bean at the BBC First gala in Poland

On October 11, 2018, the premiere of the BBC First channel took place in Warsaw, during which journalists, celebrities and BBC Studios' partners had the unique opportunity to see the first episode of the series "Broken".

The meeting was honored by the presence of the BAFTA winner and the main role actor, Sean Bean. After showing the episode, Grażyna Torbicka conducted an interview with the actor on stage, during which Sean Bean talked about working on the role of priest Michael Kerrigan on the shooting of the series "Broken" and about his next projects.

Sean Bean: I do not understand your language, but I completely feel your sense of humor! [INTERVIEW]
At the event organized for the start of the BBC First channel, I talked with Sean Bean, who was promoting his latest series - Broken.

MICHAŁ JARECKI: For a good start - welcome to Poland! Have you been here before?

SEAN BEAN : Hi! I was - and several times. In Cracow. Recently, a few years ago, you know something like a small holiday with friends.

So you are in Warsaw for the first time. How do you like it? Extending the question a bit: What are your experiences with Poland and Poles? Your feelings, impressions? Honestly!

Very positive! I mean, I've only been in Warsaw for a few hours, and last night I was still in Florence. Today, we came here with my wife. I have a few Polish friends in London, I'm quite familiar with you and your culture ... I do not understand your language completely, but I completely feel your sense of humor.

Nice to hear! We met today at the BBC First launch event in Poland. This month, Polish viewers will be able to watch the Broken series in which you play the main role. And just for this series I would like to ask you a bit. First of all - the character you play: father Michael Kerrigan. What could you say about this role, about the character itself? Who is - from your point of view - Kerrigan's father?

Michael Kerrigan is a priest in a provincial town in the north of England. It has a lot to do with the town's community, a community that is going through a tough period now. You know, the problems of the cities of Northern Great Britain - high unemployment, the mass of the homeless, poverty. Father Michael is a man who wants to help - honestly, wholeheartedly. At the same time he suffers - for his own sake. The demons of the past grapple with him. Memories of the school, mother, and events that are tormenting him; everything returns to him in the form of flashes, horrible, unobtrusive. He has a great sense of guilt, he is lonely, he feels worthless. He must face his past, understand her, admit to several things - himself in front of him. Understand who you really are and find peace in yourself. He is ready for sacrifice - he would do a lot for others, and at the same time he is so ... uncertain. His uncertainty results from fears. A good man who must suffer - because of what it was. And there were scandals, there were abuses ... Yes, scandals related to corruption in the church. In all of this, a man, a priest who ultimately is really good, though not easy - as a man and a shepherd at the same time. Viewers will judge it by themselves.

And what - in your opinion, of course, I'm not asking for a summary - is it really Broken?

I think it is a series about uniting, close-ups, loneliness, injustice that meets people in many communities, in the working class. People who are forgotten and rejected ... Thanks to government policy. You see it everywhere: northern England, Scotland, northern Ireland, many industrial cities. Above all, however, this series is about a priest who fights the same fears, emotions and uncertainties as you and me. And the fact that, after all, at the end of the day, eventually, there is still hope. For everyone.

Sounds like a solid recommendation. Thanks. And now ... Yes, I know that they are always asking you about it and everyone is always talking about it, but I also have to do it - forgive me. I've read that your favorite death from the characters you've played in is the death of Boromir in the first part of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy .

That's right!

I would like to ask you about the process of preparing yourself for such an intense scene as the death scene? Are you preparing for this specially - even mentally? Tell about it.

No, I do not need special preparation for this. You know, when you have to die, you do not know anything about it a moment earlier (laughs). You do not expect it. Boromir did not expect a shot, Ned Stark thought he would be spared almost until the last minute. You understand, he did not have time to react.

Ned no, but Boromir's death lasted a while. His fight, until he lost his strength, then death in Aragorn's arms ... One of the most exciting and moving scenes in the trilogy. When I saw her for the first time at the cinema, I was maybe 9 or 10 years old - I can remember how much I was impressed at the time.

You were not too young at this time? I would not feel responsible for a possible flaw in your psyche. Yes, you are right, the Lord of the Rings was different. It was a truly heroic death. Peter (Jackson) was very keen on achieving the right effect. On the right dose of heroism and sadness. In the end - the viewer felt that Boromir bought his fault, that he was a real hero - even dying, he showed more bravery than most people throughout his life.

As for bravery - are you watching the Game of Thrones yet ?

Yes, I will watch it when I have one hour. I'm busy [laughs].

I do not doubt it! Which character do you support the most?

I am trying to remember who is still alive ... Of course - Jon Snow. Always.

That's what I thought. Who in your opinion will finally sit on the Iron Throne?

Everything can happen here. I do not know. But probably Jon. And according to you?

Sure, Jon. Fine. Let's talk more about acting in itself. About how you see them. I would like to know what is the most difficult in it? What is the most demanding?

You can say that everything is quite demanding here ... Although I do not like this word. I prefer it: a challenge. It all depends on the control of feelings and emotions. You also have to be always open to what is new. And have a lot of distance to yourself. I have the impression that it holds me that I say so, quite fresh. You have to be spontaneous.

And how was it before? I mean specifically about this approach you are talking about now. How has it changed over the years of your career? There used to be others.

Sure. I was very self-critical. Definitely too much. I am exaggerating. You know, you always want to be perfect in everything, all the time, and you just can not do it - and that's perfectly fine. You have to understand it, accept it. Try, but do not approach yourself with ruthlessness and deadly seriousness. Sometimes you will play in a way that you are happy with and you would like to see it yourself, and others will say that it was hopeless - and vice versa. None of us is a good judge. That's why we should let go a bit. Do your own. That's how my approach has changed over the years.

I will remember this. I wanted to ask you about your spare time ... Do you have enough to watch the TV series yourself?

It happens. What?

Tell me in that case, which you like the most!

(laughs) That's fine. So ... This is England . Definitely. Watch necessarily. I also like several classic BBC productions ... Office . Yes, I'm very fond of it!

I also like it very much! This is England I have to make up for it. Time flies, we have to get stuck - let's take a look at the future. I do not want to ask about plans, but about dreams. Do you have your dream role? A character who you would like to play in the future?

Probably not, not anymore. I think that my true dream roles are behind me. Boromir, Ned and - now - father Michael ... I think I'm a favorite among my creations. Sure, I did not know before that it was the role of my dreams. The other thing is that I do not anticipate, I do not think, I do not expect anything specific. I like to be surprised, to deal with something unforeseen. As I said - spontaneity.

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Re: Launch of BBC First Poland
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2018, 07:56:53 PM »
Wonderful interview.