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Author Topic: Jaguar XJS V12 – Breaking Curfew…  (Read 1210 times)

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Jaguar XJS V12 – Breaking Curfew…
« on: December 28, 2019, 02:46:19 AM »
Jaguar XJS V12 – Breaking Curfew…
You see, this Jaguar XJS was not built like this to fulfil someone’s absurd motoring wants. No, it was built for the ‘blink and you miss it’ Sky One TV Show, Curfew, starring Sean ‘I die in everything’ Bean – his character, The General, was the driver of this XJS. The series is set in a baron wasteland in the not too distant future. A lawless land in which only the fittest and the fastest survive. And where, for some inexplicable reason, people have to drive hundreds of miles to outrun a virus or something? One could sit and ponder why the characters didn’t raid the local, presumably abandoned, Toyota dealership and grab a new HiLux Invincible or something. Quite why the people in this show chose a notoriously unreliable Jag, an ambulance and a Volvo 240 wagon (no, really) we have no idea. But here we are.

We’re not here to look at the questionable plot that forced this old Jaguar XJS into existence. Instead, we’re here to look at the car itself. Three were built for the show, but this one, now owned by Luke of Luden Automotive, is believed to be only one that survives. Presumably Sean Bean died in one of the others. Because he dies in everything. Usually twice.

And now, post television, Luke owns it. A young man who is passionate about the Jaguar XJS (seriously, he has around ten of the buggers) and as such, will take this TV star into the future. Yeah, it’ll lose some of the tacky bits, but that’s fine. That’s a part of its evolution. We love the journey this car has been on, and we love that it’s survived throughout. Just surviving Sean Bean is a hell of a thing – that man is followed by the scriptwriter’s Reaper wherever he goes. Luke, thankfully, is less likely to be written out of the picture. As such, this unusual, but somewhat lovable old Jaguar XJS will now go on to live a new life, one that will see it on the road.