March 4, 2007 Sunday

The Sheffield-born actor on his reluctant conversion to grooming

The thought of having to prance about in a short leather skirt for The Lord Of
The Rings had me running straight for the gym.

Now I try to go as a matter of principle, just because it makes me feel better.
The idea is always a bit grim, but once you've got it done you feel a lot more
virtuous. No pain, no gain and all that.

Where I grew up in Sheffield, no one had even heard of male grooming, waxing
and moisturising not a chance. I used to have a shave once in a while and a
shower in the morning, and that was about it for me.

After Troy, Brad, Orlando and I all swaggered about flexing our muscles, thinking
we were Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then, when the training stopped, we began to
shrink. That film was a tough gig, but there was a lot of horse-riding and
swordplay, which I get a real kick out of.

I defy anyone not to enjoy doing stuff like that.

I'm not really a suit man. I only wear them for important occasions, such as
being in the directors' box at Sheffield United or presenting an award at the Brits.

I've had the odd sartorial disaster. I remember going to an Arsenal match about
ten years ago.

I was wearing a leather coat and they were quite strict about dress code, as
I was in the directors' box. They told me I'd have to put an Arsenal tie on!
I said, 'F*** off! I'm not wearing that!' but they made me wear it I looked
a right idiot.

I don't go in for all that iPod, bumbag and Lycra-trunks nonsense at the gym.
I just like getting in there and getting it done. The gym I visit is near where I
live in north London and it's pretty rough and ready. It hasn't got any flashy
gadgets just guys pumping iron. That suits me.

I got bashed around playing Sunday league football. Becoming well-known,
you suffer a few too many slide tackles. I still like the odd kickabout. I used
to play for a pub side, but then as I got more work, I began getting busy
and started travelling all over the place. The football, unfortunately, had to stop.

It was a Brut-and-Brylcreem regime for me when I was young. I do still like my
aftershave, and I use quite a few. Because I'm always travelling, I can buy loads
whenever I pass through airports or different cities; I've got quite a collection.
When I'm filming, I tend to stick a ton of moisturiser on at the start of the day.

When you get to a certain age, piercings or earrings tend to look a bit dodgy.
I used to like all that, but I guess it's an age thing.

I'm not into male accessories; I've only got my watches. I remember going to
West Ham for the football, and they wear a lot of jewellery down at Upton Park.
Every finger's got a big gold sovereign ring on it even the thumb.

They're like knuckledusters.

I like to get physical in my garden. I enjoy building things, putting up fences,
planting trees getting really stuck in. I like to keep busy physically, but when
you are off work you can let yourself go a little bit.

That's not my natural disposition, though there's nothing I hate more than
sitting about. I like to get things done.

Sean Bean stars in 'Outlaw', out on Friday

Davidoff Cool Water
I like a bit of aftershave, especially Davidoff.
That's quite manly, isn't it? I mean, it's not like you're putting on eye shadow
or anything.

Stone Island shirts
I like the shape of their shirts, and I wear their clothes regularly.

Ford Ranger
I'm happy with this. I've had flashcars beforebut you park it on the street and
some b*****d will come along and scratch it.

Omega Seamaster
I love watches, especially my Omega Seamaster. I got it when I played 006 in
GoldenEye. It's beautifully made.

Paul Smith boots
I wore these boots to the Brit Awards this year. I tend to collect a lot of shoes.
Source of this article : Daily Mail