Ornella Muti and English actor Sean Bean have received The Capri Global Award by Fiuggi on Thursday, December 28, in honor of their international careers. The two artists will join Giancarlo Giannini at the Great Galà of Capri, Hollywood (promoted by the Casino of Venice) at the Relais-Hotel La Palma for the Premiere Kimbo 2007 first Italian screening of Casino Royale, the new James Bond films that features Giannini.

Earlier that day at the Capri, Hollywood International Film Festival,
Muti, co-star Daniele Liotti and director Giulio Base have introduced their new film, L'Inchiesta [The Inquiry], a remake of Damiano Damiani’s 1986 film about an investigation of the death and rumored resurrection of Jesus. In this IIF-RAI production, Muti plays the role of Mary Magdalene.

For Sean Bean, the Capri honor follows the many prizes he collected for his work in the hit trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.
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