Published Date: 01 October 2008

A SOUTH Yorkshire housing estate went back to the 1970s when a film crew arrived to shoot a new TV cop series.
Houses on Chestnut Avenue, Stainforth, became the backdrop for a drama starring top actors Warren Clarke and David Morrissey.

The show is set in 1974 at the time the Yorkshire Ripper was starting his killing spree.

The series, being filmed by Channel Four, also stars Sheffield-born A-lister Sean Bean but he has not been to Stainforth for this week's shooting.

The new series is based on the Red Riding Quartet of novels written by David Peace which focus on police corruption during the Ripper era and a journalist's efforts to expose it.

The books have been turned into three films 1974, 1980 and 1983 which will be screened next year.

During the shooting scenes in Stainforth an old Rover car was parked up in Chestnut Avenue with Clarke and Morrissey inside as they observed a priest visiting a semi-detached house.

The home is usually occupied by Caroline Smith and her 19-year-old son, Aidan, who enjoyed having the film crew take over their home.

Neighbours Alan and Georgina Houseman agreed to have their new uPVC door temporarily replaced by a battered wooden one to make the house look more "in period".

Meanwhile actors, extras and crew have been taking their meal breaks at Stainforth Central WMC which has become the film's catering base.

Locations in West Yorkshire are also being used for filming the trilogy.
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