Sean Bean in an interview on "The Hitcher"
Most of the plays "The Lord of the Rings" actor buddy of the hero or his enemies. In "The Hitcher" is dominated by the former Bond baddie the scene.
Sean Bean as "The Hitcher"
CINEMA: If you watched the original 1986 movie?
Sean Bean: I did, when the film came into the cinemas then. I was still quite young and I can well remember that I was really scared of the movie Rutger Hauer made.

I imagine it is difficult to me before, in a remake to play and is not the style of the original actor to influence it.
No, it was not difficult. I have the old movie, however, Iíve quite deliberately not re-watched it.

We learn next to nothing about your character John Ryder. How difficult was it to fill such a role?
At first glance, this appears difficult. On the other hand, for an actor, the role was a huge open space: I could create my own image of him. For my presentation, it was not important to fathom why he kills people.

Why not?
I have read the court records of some serial killers and there are no satisfactory answers to the question why they do what they do. The perpetrators came from different social
strata, they were raised differently - there was no common ground. So, there is also no pattern in the Ryder, I would play. He is a psychopath, whose motives we do not know. I do not know what drives him. And he knows doesnít know it either, that's what makes him so terrifying. He harassed his victims for no apparent reason - for the fun of terror.

There are in the real world, yes more than enough. Why do so many people still go to the cinema, to be frightened on leaving?
Maybe because it's fun to leave frightened. The movie gives you a thrill in which you were not in danger. I'm pretty sure that nobody would come up with the idea of searching for a comparable experience in a dark corner.

Which movie did you scare yourself to death?
There is only one: "The Exorcist". I remember clearly: I was 15, I went to the cinema and when I got home, my parents were not there. I dared not enter the house - it was mid-January, and I spend hours outdoors freezing in the cold. This film still scares me.

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