He's long been recognised for his rugged good looks.
But who'd have thought Sean Bean's blunt Sheffield accent would go on to earn him further stardom?
Leading roles in films like Goldeneye and Lord Of The Rings have made the city-born actor an internationally famous face.
But today it's not just on the big screen that the former welder is making sparks fly.
Today his dulcet South Yorkshire tones, refined as he grew up in Handsworth, now enter our homes on TV ads for everything from cough medicine to mobile phones.
And it's true to say that the accent has made his voice one of the most recognisable in ad-land.
The former Brook School pupil's appeal has seen him front recent ads for Morrison's supermarkets, O2 mobile phones and campaigns for Cancer Research and Barnardo's.
He's also encouraging us to give up a pint or two of blood that is in a series of radio and TV adverts for the National Blood Service.
" Do something amazing give blood," he says in ads which feature Gary Lineker, Richard Branston and others.
But what is it about Sean's gravelly South Yorkshire tones that makes him such hot property for ad execs?
" Sean had provided the voice over for our previous TV adverts and the feedback from viewers was really good there was a high level of recognition," said a National Blood Service spokesman.
" When we were planning our current adverts we approached him, and were delighted when again he agreed again to provide the voice-over."
Blades fan Bean was also chosen by Marks & Spencer to feature in their Christmas ads last year.
Sue Sadler, corporate press manager for Marks & Spencer, said: "Sean was the perfect choice for us because he's a well-respected and well-loved British celebrity.
" On the one hand he is a glamourous film star but he also has an image as a man of the people which resonates with our customers."
Phone company O2 said it was the Sheffield sex-symbol's unique voice that persuaded them to pick him.
A spokesperson said: "We wanted someone with a calming and different voice and Sean fitted the bill. It also helps that he's got a recognisable voice that people are familiar with."
Marketing guru Shirley Harris, director of PR company Diva Creative, said: "A lot of thought goes into which celebrity is right to advertise a product.
" Sean Bean has a good voice for ads because people relate to it and trust it, and as well as that he has the star quality that people aspire to."

11 November 2003
Sheffield Today