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David Hayles
June 12 2010 12:01AM

Chris Smith, 15 (101mins)

Sean Bean is on fine form as Ulric, a 14th-century knight who is sent with his band of horsemen and torturers to investigate a secluded village that, it is believed, has avoided the bubonic plague by practising witchcraft. So what will they do when they get to the village? "Identify the 'eretic," a wonderfully blunt Bean says, "capture 'im. Put 'im in the cage." If only things were that simple. For a start, said heretic turns out to be a her - the guileful, spooky Carice van Houten - and it is Bean and his merry men who are likely to end up in a cage. It's a solid, enjoyable chiller with some nice twists, and Bean's performance has moments of understated brilliance.
Source of this article : The Times