ACTOR Sean Bean has divorced for the third time after a stormy two-year marriage.

The split from wife Abigail, mother of his 20-month-old daughter Evie, comes amid rumours he has become close to co-star Holly Davidson, 20.

The young actress appears as his lover in the gangster film Essex Boys, which is out next week.

Friends last night confirmed the divorce, but dismissed the gossip that the marriage collapsed because Bean, 40, became too close to Holly, sister of Jude Law's wife, Sadie Frost.

Insiders on the set of Essex Boys, though, insisted they became close friends while filming.

Bean also met 31-year-old Abigail on location when she played his wife in the ITV period drama Sharpe.

But the marriage became just the latest in a line of matrimonial disasters for Bean, who has also starred in TV's Lady Chatterley's Lover and played a Bond baddie.

A friend said yesterday: "Sean is a good-looking guy and a major celebrity so he has no problem attracting the girls.

"He admits that he is a ladies' man and in some ways, it is easier for him as a single guy.

"But the marriage split wasn't something he went into lightly.

"The divorce was the best solution for Sean and Abigail but it caused them both a lot of pain."

He added: "Sean got on extremely well with Holly. He gets on well with most people he works with."

Bean was first married at 19 to his Sheffield childhood sweetheart Debra Anderson, a hairdresser.

He claimed their marriage failed because they were too young, but they have remained friends.

His next wedding was to actress Melanie Hill - Aveline in Bread - with whom he had two daughters.

Bean blamed their split on his boozy nights out with the lads and his love of football.

He is a Sheffield United fanatic and has the slogan "100 per cent Blade" tattooed on his shoulder.

But their divorce went through on the grounds of his admitted adultery.

Bean is currently filming the movie version of The Lord of the Rings.
Source of this article : Scottish Daily Record & Sunday