Sean Bean is a massive fan of Game Of Thrones and he still watches the show
Monday 14 Jul 2014 11:45 am

Warning: Article contains spoilers

Former Game Of Thrones star Sean Bean has said that he still watches the show.

Sean, who played Ned Stark, said he is interested in finding out the fates of his on-screen children Arya, Sansa and Jon.

He told The Sun: ‘They’re growing up in front of your eyes. Like little Arya and Bran – they were very young and now they’ve grown into women and men.’

Ned Stark was shockingly killed off at the end of season one, but Bean added that he was happy to be part of it.

‘We didn’t expect it to escalate into such a fabulous, epic piece of work with so many fans.

‘I met with the producers and the director in a little cafe in Soho and they explained what it was about and who Ned Stark was.

‘They said “By the way, you do get your head chopped off at the end of the first season. But up until then you’re in it all the time”. It was one season I thoroughly enjoyed.’

Game Of Thrones, HBO’s most-watched show ever, has been renewed for two more seasons.
Source of this article : Metro