Sean Bean Reveals His Favorite On Screen Death
JULY 10, 2014 02:01 PM EDT

Sean Bean has played a host of characters on television and film who have met their ends, and the actor admitted he does have a favorite death from his body of work.

“I liked ‘Lord of the Rings,’” he told reporters at the panel for his TNT drama “Legends” at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday, referring to Boromir. “That was a quite epic death.”

TNT, the network behind Sean’s new drama, about an undercover agent who goes so deep into his aliases (or “legends”) that questions start to arise about who he really is, were suggesting the hashtag #DontKillSeanBean at the TCA session. Asked what he thinks about the interest fans have in the actor’s habit of dying in various projects, the “Game of Thrones” alum said it might have to do with the way in which his characters go out.

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“I’ve died quite a few times, actually and I’ve died a lot of different deaths. Maybe it’s the quality of my death,” he said. “I’m still here, anyway.”

In the new series, also staring “Heroes” alum Ali Larter, Sean certainly finds himself in a lot of danger, but don’t expect an exit for his character, Martin Odum, any time soon.

“I’m going to be in it for a while,” he said.

“Legends” premieres August 13 at 9/8c on TNT.

-- Jolie Lash

Source of this article : Access Hollywood