8 January 2002

TV hero and Hollywood villain, the versatile Sean Bean has been divorced three times, has two tattoos and one overriding passion – football. Welcome to Sean’s world …

What’s he up to?

Sean has two movies out. In The Fellowship Of The Ring, the first of three big-budget movies being made out of the JRR Tolkien classic, The Lord Of The Rings, Sean plays one of the human characters, Boromir. He’s also back playing a Hollywood bad guy, kidnapping Michael Douglas’s daughter in the thriller Don’t Say A Word.

Where’s he been for the past year?
In New Zealand, filming The Fellowship Of The Ring, and in New York, shooting Don’t Say A Word. In between, he’s been in London – a bit. Last time he was here, Sean’s £50,000 BMW was broken into and his mobile nicked.

Where’s his house?
On London’s Hampstead. He still lives in the £1.5million Spanish style mansion (complete with 10-feet high perimeter fence and underground parking) he shared with his ex-wife Abigail Cruttenden. She moved out.

He’s divorced then?
Three times over. He split with his third wife, Sharpe actress Abigail, in 1999 after a two-year marriage. Previously he’d been wed to Bread actress Melanie Hill and childhood sweetheart Debra Anderson.

Any children?
Yes, three girls. He has a daughter, Evie, three, with Abigail, and Lorna, 14, and Molly, 10, with Melanie.

Where does he hang out?
Nowhere fancy. Sean prefers low-key venues, like The Holly Bush pub, Hampstead, where he can drink quietly with his mates. Celeb-haunt, the House On The Hill restaurant near his home, is as starry as he gets.

Who are his mates?
A mixed bunch, including Essex Boys co-star Billy Murray and Sharpe co-star Daragh O’Malley. His newest best mate is The Fellowship Of The Rings co-star, Viggo Mortensen. Sheffield-born Sean and New Yorker Viggo got on famously – driving around New Zealand together.

We hear he has a new tattoo …
Yes, all the cast on The Fellowship Of The Rings had a ‘fellowship’ tattoo. Sean’s is on his upper right arm and is a Celtic symbol for ‘nine’ – because there are nine fellowships. His other tattoo reads ‘100 per cent Blade’.

Sheffield United?
Ah yes; Sean’s overriding passion. Sean has supported ‘The Blades’ since he was two years old, and always wanted to play for them.

A bloke’s bloke, then?
Not entirely. He likes old churches and adores William Shakespeare. In fact, he’s due to act in a West End stage version of Macbeth next summer.

Is there a new girlfriend?
Nobody serious, although Sean is notoriously private and secretive about his lovelife, and tends to spring surprises. Most people didn’t even know he was seeing Abigail Cruttenden – until they got married in secret. When he split from Abigail, he was linked to Essex Boys co-star Holly Davidson, who is the younger sister of actress Sadie Frost. But Holly has denied the rumour.
Source of this article : Bella Magazine