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The Sharpe Chefs Cookery Books for Charity

Once upon a time..

Sharpe Chefs is a group of women who were brought together out of their admiration for Bernard Cornwells character, Richard Sharpe, and the actor who portrayed him, Sean Bean. A home-grown effort by a bunch of ladies from diverse backgrounds and cultures, the first book, Sharpe Chefs, was a resounding success, beyond the imaginations of the ladies involved. The response from the cast and executives of the Sharpe series as well as the inspiring support of the author Bernard Cornwell himself, was truly amazing. The response of the public who often went to great lengths to obtain a copy was simply astonishing. Now, the Chefs are back!
Press Release
November 2008
Sharpe Chefs II: On Campaign

Out now, Sharpe Chefs II: On Campaign is a fantastic sequel to the Sharpe Chefs charity cookery book. All author royalties go to the CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA charity.

The book is packed with delicious recipes, historical facts and trivia as well as information about CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA.

The book includes full colour photographs of the recipes and contributing celebrities. Sharpe Chefs II also has photos of the Sharpe TV series starring Sean Bean including backstage pictures and photos from the upcoming Sharpes Peril.

Sharpe Chefs II: On Campaign features a foreword by Sharpe author Bernard Cornwell who is supporting the book. Children with Leukaemia is his chosen cause.

The book also features an endorsement from CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA supporter Jonathan Ross. Jonathan says, On behalf of CHILDREN With LEUKAEMIA you have my heartfelt thanks for buying this book, the proceeds of which will contribute to the wellbeing of children enduring gruelling treatment and facing an uncertain future. So enjoy the recipes, enjoy the memory of Sean Bean in his leggings, and thanks again for giving your essential support in this struggle.

This second book follows the campaign trail of Sharpes men with tempting recipes and interesting facts at each location they stop at.

The Sharpe Chefs tell us, We invite you to take a similar tour in this book but instead of military matters of life and death, our main concern will be far more important  food!

Places and recipes on the campaign trail include Karahi Chicken in India, Pork Rib Roast with Chilli Plums in Portugal and Roast Beef and Asparagus Rolls in Belgium.

Celebrity contributors include Sharpe cast members Daragh OMalley, Jason Salkey, Lyndon Davies, Hugh Fraser, Julian Kitchener-Fellowes, Michael Mears, Philip Glenister, Philip Whitchurch, Michael Cochrane, Cecile Paoli, Muir Sutherland, Diana Pirez and Richard Rutherford Moore.

There is also historical information about the campaign and what life was like for the soldiers. For example we understand the lure of joining the army for Irish men as Regency period daily rations were more than the average man would get in a fortnight back home in Ireland.

CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA also make an important contribution to the book, talking about the important work they do in fighting Britains biggest childhood cancer. For more information please see

For further details about Sharpe Chefs II or to buy the book please see ISBN no 9781905278237.

For more information please contact Mick Liversidge at on 0114 275 7222 or email Alternatively, visit