Hello Beanophiles!

Welcome to Sean Bean Online! Thank you for visiting our new WordPress-formatted home page. Yes, we know the past year has been sadly neglected, but even for your trusty SBO Webmiss life can often interrupt even the best of intentions. It is our hope that by moving to this new format for the home page that we can bring you more Sean Bean by allowing more of our staff to make posts to keep you updated.

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  1. The new web site looks good! and I like the Beanophile logo, I’m a “BIG BEANOPHILE” Sean is my idol after meeting him years ago
    it’s fabulous that he’s doing so well and looking so good, a great asset to the film industry, There’s nothing better than relaxing and watching a film with Sean acting, I must be the no.1 fan xx

  2. Hi, Sean! Congratulations, a wonderful website and a wonderful screen saver! Wanted to know, what theatre do you play and do you go on tour? Good luck and creative successes! From Russia with love!

  3. Love Sean , and the website is great! Just need to ask you if you have any idea where I can buy the tv film by the bbc that Sean was in called ‘Tell me that you love me.’ Ive looked on different websites, but just wondering if I should email the bbc and see if they could send me a copy? It came out in 1991. I love all the films Sean has been in. Shame he tends to die in a lot of them though! Fab actor, just so sexy and a really genuine lovely guy! Havent met Sean but would love too; maybe one day!!

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