A Bumper Crop of Bean…

To say Sean is a workaholic would be an understatement.  In the last 14 months he is starring in two movies and two (six episode) television shows.  He’s also the executive producer of both of these productions. In addition, Sean participated in a cameo in another show, narrated two (six episode) documentaries and is a character voice in a very successful video game.  This hectic schedule means that most of his fans have not seen a lot of him this year.  However, that’s about to change this May.


“Drone” is the first of the two movies he has coming out this year!  Here is the poster for this film, which will be in limited release this May around the U.S.  The trailer recently came out and you can see it here in the forums under Flicks & Films. It’s under “Drone”, posted on April 12th.  Unfortunately, we still know very little about the storyline.  What we do know about the plot is that Sean plays a character named Neil and he is a drone operator for the U.S. Military.  As a private drone contractor, Neil spends his workdays flying covert missions and then returns to a simple family life of suburban mediocrity.  His wife and son know nothing about his secret, clandestine life.

His work causes him to have blood on his hands, but that’s not how he sees it.  It’s only when the kindly, genteel, Amir shows up at his door that he realizes the repercussions of what he has done.

More updates to come….


“Broken” is the first of two television shows that Sean is starring in and he is also the executive producer of this six episode drama.  In this series, Sean plays a Catholic Jesuit Priest named Fr. Michael.  He is assigned to a working class urban parish in Liverpool.  It will be shown on the BBC network this May.  It was written by Jimmy McGovern, the same writer who wrote the “Accused” series in which Sean Bean also shared a starring role. There is no trailer for “Broken” as of yet, but you can read more about it in the magazine, ‘Jesuits and Friends’.  This is a free download from the Catholic Church.  As you can see, “Broken” and Sean are on the cover.

More news later….


“Wasted” is a stoner comedy with a delightful ‘Game of Thrones’ twist.  Amazingly, this is Sean’s third television show this year!  He has a recurring cameo role as a spirit guide to a hapless nerd named Morpheus.  Sean’s character looks a lot like Ned Stark, but the name of this spirit guide just happens to be “Sean Bean”!  Yes, Sean Bean is playing Sean Bean!  You might ask, how did this happen?  Well, I guess if you’re a lonely Head Shop owner who is in the habit of always being high…its possible!

Sean appears in all six episodes, so if you’d like some light-hearted entertainment, “Wasted” is available on itunes now.


Next, on the subject of Sean’s documentaries, the first one was shown on television a few months back.  It is called “Roman Empire: Reign of Blood” and I believe it is still accessible on Netflix.


His latest documentary is on channel 5 in England and it is called “Yorkshire: A Year in the Wild”.  Sean is the narrator for this five part series about the Yorkshire Dales, the North York Moors National Park and the seabird cities of the counties East Coast.  This area covers approximately 1400 square miles of wild and rugged Northern England.  Separated by only 20 miles, they create a swatch of wild terrain stretching virtually from the East coast to the West. It is the home of some of the UK’s most spectacular wildlife and the photographic images are nothing less than majestic!



Sean is currently filming the “Frankenstein Chronicles”, season 2, in Ireland.  As many of you might know, Sean celebrated his birthday on April 17th with the cast and crew.

Happy Birthday Sean!

Speaking of Birthdays, we’d also like to mention that our favorite “Sharpe’s Rifle” Sergeant (Harper), Daragh O’Malley, will be celebrating his Birthday on May 15.  We would like all the Sharpe fans to extend  their Best Wishes to him on his Facebook page.

More updates to follow…. 

Lasue here, until next time, with all the Sean news fit to print, I shall return!