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The Cleric's Fan Fiction Hoard

Our Bodies Fall (Equilibrium) Smoke and Mirrors (Island/Goldeneye)
Odysseus and the Big Mac (Troy) The Odyssey: An Untold Tale (Troy)

Many of these fictions were reposted here from websites all over the Internet. It was done with the honest intent of preserving these jewels of prose for posterity in the event that their original sources ever went away. A search is ongoing in an attempt to contact the authors. When and if responses are received, the crediting will be verified. Any author notes are also included with the stories and the copyrights are the property of the authors, as they rightfully should be. Should anyone know any of these authors or if they are the authors and have not yet been contacted, please contact us here at Sean Bean Online. We certainly don't want to keep them posted here if any of the authors object. Alternatively, we want to ensure proper crediting should they not object to them residing here in the The Cleric's Hoard.