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Title: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Reviews
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When we meet the Kingslgaive, a special force of fighters from Lucis that can actually use the magic sourced from the kingdom’s crystal and its king Regis (voiced by the ever lovable, ever doomed Sean Bean), the style of warfare is surreal but vividly wrought. The countryside is brutalized by angular warships dropping building-sized monsters that blanket the area with organic cruise missiles

If Kingsglaive were just an above average action movie with a smooth script it would still impress but the humanity of its principal characters also raises Square-Enix’s film. Everyone performs with real heart and while the stellar animation sometimes (if rarely) dips into the uncanny valley, the soul of the characters carries those rough moments. Regis is a classically stoic monarch and warrior torn between protecting the world from ongoing war and making painful sacrifices of the people he’s sworn to protect, but he’s also more, a father whose worry for his family makes it difficult to focus at crucial moments

The film is bright, flashy, and constantly in motion. Battles are choreographed dances, showered in the spark of spells and the icy crackle of magical barriers. Ardyn sneers and waves his arms with the charisma of someone who may be slightly mad. Aldercapt and Regis verbally spar, their passive aggression laying a thick cloak of tension over their scenes together
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Review: ‘Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV’ Makes No Sense Without The Videogame It’s Trying To Sell You
The latest attempt to bring the RPG series to the big screen is a wildly uneven advertisement for the franchise's forthcoming installment.