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Author Topic: Sean Bean threw glass at wife in boozy bust-up on British Airways flight  (Read 1044 times)

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SEAN MEAN Sean Bean threw glass at wife in boozy bust-up during nine-hour bender on British Airways flight
ACTOR Sean Bean threw a glass at his wife during a boozy bust-up at 30,000ft.
The star’s partner, Ashley Moore, also poured a full glass of wine into his lap during their nine-hour bender.

The pair, who married in 2017, sparked chaos after downing free booze in the first-class cabin.
Their barney woke other passengers on the British Airways flight from Vancouver, Canada, which landed at Heathrow at 2pm on Saturday.

A source who watched events unfold told The Sun: “Sean and his missus were knocking back the vino from the moment they boarded.
“About halfway through the flight they started arguing. You could hear them slurring. It was getting very uncomfortable.
“They were very drunk and in high spirits but suddenly things turned nasty.”

The 60-year-old Game of Thrones star and his fifth wife, 33, had been in next-door beds in the middle of the cabin when tensions rose.
An insider said: “The row escalated when Ashley suddenly reached across and poured her full, large glass of white wine into Sean’s lap.
“It was incendiary and he snapped. It caused Sean to jump up and shout.

"He was in scruffy jogging bottoms and looked a mess.
“At that point, in a rage, he then hurled his glass at her.”
A member of the cabin crew was then said to have stepped in to calm things.

The witness said: “It’s difficult to remonstrate with an A-lister celeb.”
The pair were met after the flight by officials in a VIP buggy.
Airline sources said the couple were lucky police were not called.
Sean was in Vancouver to star in the second series of TV sci-fi Snowpiercer.

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Sean Bean, 60, 'hurled a glass at his wife, 33, after she poured wine in his lap' in 'drunken First Class bust-up' on British Airways flight from Vancouver to Heathrow
Actor Sean Bean threw a glass at his wife after she poured wine in his lap during a drunken first class bust-up on a British Airways flight, it has been claimed.
The former Game of Thrones star, 60, is said to have become enraged with his partner Ashley Moore, 33, after the pair downed free alcohol on a nine-hour flight from Vancouver to Heathrow over the weekend.
Both are thought to have been in good spirits when they boarded the flight but as they continued to down drinks an argument erupted in the cabin. 

A member of cabin crew is said to have stepped in to diffuse the situation.
When they landed the pair were taken away in a VIP buggy and police were not called.
The actor had been in Vancover to star in the second series of Snowpiercer - a television adaptation of the 2013 South Korean-Czech film of the same name.
Sean Bean's representatives have been approached for comment.

Sean Bean denies throwing glass at wife in 'nine-hour bender' on BA flight
Sean Bean has denied throwing a glass at his wife during a reported "nine-hour bender" on a British Airways flight.
The Game of Thrones actor, 60, and his fifth wife Ashley Moore, 33, were said to have argued on a flight to London's Heathrow Airport from Vancouver, Canada, after drinking wine.

The Sun had reported that the couple, who have been married since 2017, had been downing drinks in the first class cabin before a row kicked off on Saturday.
However, Sean's reps have now told Mirror Online that the story isn't true and the couple weren't drinking on the flight.

Sean's rep told Mirror Online: "They didn't drink any wine, nothing was poured in Sean's lap and he didn’t throw a glass.

"The story isn't true."

However, a rep for Sean has said that while an argument took place, it did not turn violent.
‘No wine was drunk, no wine was poured and no glass was thrown. They did have a disagreement but that’s the extent of the story,’ a spokesperson told

British Airways has since told “We have no record of this happening.”

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INTERESTING, two different stories.

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Sounds bad.