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Author Topic: The Field  (Read 111 times)

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The Field
« on: December 29, 2020, 03:13:55 AM »
RTE showing a documentary on the true story behind The Field and the iconic film
A real treat for fans of the Irish classic tonight
In terms of the most beloved Irish films of all time, the debate is highly subjective because everyone's choice will vary. However, it's highly likely that Jim Sheridan's 1990 drama The Field will consistently rank very highly in most lists.

Starring Richard Harris and Sean Bean, the beloved drama is an adaptation of from john B. Keane's 1965 play of the same name.

First performed in 1965, Keane's play is based the story on the 1958 murder of Moss Moore, a bachelor farmer living in Reamore, Kerry.

For those that may not have seen it, the plot revolves around a field (which has been farmed by the McCabe family for generations) when it goes up for auction. Bull McCabe's family has farmed the field for generations, making endless sacrifices for the sake of the land, but when the widow who owns the field decides to sell it, McCabe knows that he must own it.

While no one in the village would dare bid against him, an American with deep pockets decides that he needs the field to build a highway. The Bull and his son decide to convince the American to give up bidding on the field, but things go horribly wrong.

Simply put, it's an Irish institution that saw Richard Harris receiving Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his performance.

Well, RTE has a treat in store because they're showing a documentary on the origins of the story and the film itself.

In The Real Field, Billy Keane examines the notorious unsolved murder in 1958 that inspired his father John B Keane's acclaimed play.

The documentary airs at 21.25 on RTE1 with the film starting straight after it ends at 22.25.

Anyone who watched the Field on TV tonight, some mad bastard put a Pixies song over the last scene, and it's the greatest video on YouTube

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