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A while ago we converted the Homepage to the new format. We got some nice comments and everybody seems to like it, so from now on we intend updating more often. As you might know, webmiss Sable has been extremely busy in real life over the past few months, but fortunately things seem to be quieting down now and she hopes she will be able to spend more time on SBO again.

Those of you who are regular visitors of the forums, will have been keeping up with all the news in the Beanieverse, but for those of you who aren’t, here’s a summary of what’s been happening over the past few months.

If you’re a gamer it’s interesting to know that Sean narrates the entire history of A Civ VI Nation. He provides commentary throughout, so even if you’re not that much into gaming, you may like this anyway. Everything can be found here. He will also be a narrator for the game Kholat.

Recently ITV announced that there will be a second series of The Frankenstein Chronicles. Very good news for fans of the show. I for one will be really looking forward to this. Sean is also set to pilot in Jason Bourque’s action thriller film Drone. He will also star in a new E4 comedy Wasted this summer. Filming is already underway. And of course if you haven’t seen it yet, The Young Messiah has already been in cinemas. In this film Sean plays the role of Severus, a Roman centurion. The film was made after a novel by Anne Rice, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.

On the downside, Legends has been canceled. However, it doesn’t seem to be because of Sean’s performance.

Not related to Sean’s work, but nice to mention here anyway: daughter Lorna got married on May 28. You can read all about that here. If you have not logged into the forums before, it’s free and easy. Just follow the instructions on the screen and should you encounter any problems, just contact us and we will help.


As we all know, Sean regularly works for charities and at the end of last year he donated his personalised Landrover for a Sheffield United cancer auction. In May of this year returned to the Bramall Lane dugout when he took charge of a team of Sheffield United legends, as they took on a Fulham All Stars side including Jimmy Bullard and TV star Jack Whitehall in a charity football match at Bramall Lane. Everything about this can be found here.

As you can see Sean has been very busy indeed and his workload doesn’t seem to be getting any less. Keep an eye on this page, because we’ll be going to update at least every few weeks or so to keep you posted on all the important upcoming news. Enjoy the films and series and if real life should put you down, you can always watch an episode of Sharpe!