Season one

Warning possible spoilers

When I heard about SEAN starring in FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES, my first thought was that it would be a remake of the original Frankenstein movie (1931); with Boris Karloff as the monster. You know the story dark castle, mad scientist, bolts in the neck, and lots of lightning. Lucky for us SEAN (who helped produce the show) and his team researched the history of the book. They came up with a fresh new look at this timeless classic. SEAN and his team needed to ask the question. Why did Mary Shelly write this horror story ?? What was happening during the early 1800’s that would drive her to tell this frightening tale ?? Frankenstein was written during an explosion of new scientific discoveries. Electricity was being used to reanimate dead frogs on a lab table. They weren’t alive, but when the electrical stimulation was applied to their nerves the amphibians would jump around; and that was very exciting to the public. They were more than happy to pay to watch the spectacle. However, the serious scientist wanted more, A LOT MORE !! They wanted to bring dead people back to life; and in their minds electricity was the answer. After all they could make an arm move when stimulated by a few volts. So if they had more electrical power maybe they could create a society with out DEATH ?? However, the scientists had one big problem. There were not enough bodies for them to experiment on; because by law they could only use the bodies of condemned criminals. So they became very creative acquiring freshly deceased people. Which was NOT LEGAL. So SEAN takes this history and turns it into FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES. His character is INSPECTOR JOHN MARLOTT who is investigating the mutilated corpse of a child. John soon learns of the quest to reanimate the dead and he makes a vow to bring the guilty people to JUSTICE. FRANKENSTIEN CHRONICLES shows us the science and technology of the early 1800’s. This is the environment that drove Mary Shelley to write FRANKENSTEIN; which is the FIRST MODERN HORROR STORY.

Sue Richardson the DYSLEXIC BLOGGER