I would like to discuss the AMAZING VISUALIZATIONS of the landscapes found in a totally frozen world, as seen from SNOWPIERCER’S window. You can only imagine the enormous amount of time and energy, need to make this breathtaking illusion come to life. As this train travels around the world we see all the great iconic buildings, and monuments covered in ice and snow. It’s a wasteland of frigid, arctic, bitter, beauty. Snowpiercer is like a gigantic black serpent circling the globe forever. If MR. WILFORD has his way; but Layton, and Melanie have other ideas. Which could lead to war.

SNOWPIERCER has the look and the feel of an overcrowded spaceship. Only MR. WILFORD and a few rich people have the room to breathe fresh air. All the other passengers are packed in like sardines in a can; creating claustrophobic tension. Now what can I say about MR. WILFORD AKA THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING. He is the GREATEST VILLAIN that SEAN has ever brought to life in his long and BRILLIANT career. You will lovingly despise him; because he is magnificent, flamboyant, sexy, diabolical, and psychotic; but that’s NOT the correct word. Psychotic people do not care about what others think about them. MR. WILFORD however,wants the people of SNOWPIERCER to like and even worship him. That’s because he wants total power over the train and its human occupants. He pretends to be polite, kind, generous, and loving; to gain control over other people. This is the definition of a true SOCIOPATH not a PSYCHOPATH. The GENIUS of SEAN’S acting brings this monster WILFORD to life for all to see. So at the end of season 2 Layton has taken off with a few cars and the engine to create a PIRATE TRAIN. In order to search for the warmest place on earth to attempt to recolonize the planet. He had a dream about a tree growing in ARABIA. Which he thinks could be the place to take SNOWPIERCER; but they need to reconnect with BIG ALICE for much needed supplies. Will MR. WILFORD work with the rebels and their vision of a NEW WORLD, or destroy them and all hope for humanity. DYSLEXIC BLOGGER