Sean Bean’s newest TV show is called MARRIAGE. It’s a four-part drama about an average middle-aged couple; who, are trying to deal with all the changes in their relationship.

After 27 years of marriage and two children the order of things are being challenged. Who is in control; and who is not ? The first episode shows IAN and EMMA arguing about a baked potato. This squabble continued for the length of time that it took the couple to go through the airport board the plane; and take their seats. The dispute was still raging on as the plane took off. At that moment IAN (who is afraid of flying) grabbed EMMA’S hand and the argument comes to an abrupt end. This is not the type of story that you would think SEAN would want to appear in. After all most of his roles are about manly warriors wielding swords and saving heroines. In this tale SEAN has no villains to chase; and there’s no fair maidens to rescue. Sharpe, Boromir, and Edward Stark are out of luck. So why would SEAN want this role ? Maybe because this story is about real people; and real relationships. It’s a little dull at times; but SEAN and NICOLA WALKER manage to capture the quiet devotion, patience, and love that a marriage of many years brings to people. This program shows us the stuff of everyday life. Like petty disagreements; and how to correctly load a dishwasher. IAN (SEAN) is obsessed about where to put the cups and mugs. The fact of the matter is that we (the audience) are unused to realistic scenes like this. However, SEAN and NICOLA as actors make this story BRILLIANT. They somehow manage to bring to life the very usual interplay found in long tern relationships. MARRIAGE in all its beauty, frustration, and boredom can still be a success story for all of us.