New Artwork

NEW ARTWORK by SUE RICHARDSON Just like WALT DISNEY I have always admired the drawings of HEINRICH KLEY. Especially his artwork featuring scenes from GREEK MYTHOLOGY. I wanted to create a picture of a satyr in a MOUNT OLYMPUS like landscape (similar to the scenes in DISNEY’S FANTASIA). However; I soon learned that MOUNT OLYMPUS was only for the GREEK GODS (like ZEUS) and the DEMI-GODS (like HERCULES) and NOT for the satyrs, winged horses, cupids, unicorns, centaurs, fairies, or wood nymphs. They all lived on the island of ARCADIA an unspoiled harmonious garden; which was ruled by PAM. SO here is my artwork which is called SCRUFFY at his home in ARCADIA. NOT MOUNT OLYMPUS.


FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES RETHINKING A CLASSIC Season one Warning possible spoilers When I heard about SEAN starring in FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES, my first thought was that it would be a remake of the original Frankenstein movie (1931); with Boris Karloff as the monster. You know the story dark castle, mad scientist, bolts in the neck, and lots of lightning. Lucky for us SEAN (who helped produce the show) and his team researched the history of the book. They came up with a fresh new look at this timeless classic. SEAN and his team needed to ask the question. Why did Mary Shelly write this horror story ?? What was happening during the early 1800’s that would drive her to tell this frightening…

Why you need to see SEAN BEAN’S award winng performance in BROKEN.

Even it your NOT a FAN of SEAN BEAN you will be astonished at his command over the deep dark emotions that Father Kerrigan conveys to the audience. Sean portrays a Catholic Priest in a northern English parish trying to serve his weary, poverty stricken flock while wrestling with his own demons. Broken is written by the brilliant JIMMY McGOVERN who is the KING OF CLASS DESPAIR. He is some how able to depict humanity and compassion in even the most desperate circumstances. Jimmy and Sean have created a compelling drama that takes on the biggest problems of the Catholic church in a brutally honest way. After watching Sean (Kerrigan) as he confronts the priest who molested him as a…
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