Winter is Coming, AGAIN !!

SNOWPIERCER was originally a graphic novel (aka COMIC BOOK). Than it morphed into a movie. Now it’s a TV show on NETFLIX. The storyline is that 7 years ago the world became a frozen wasteland. Most of the population died in the extremely cold weather. The remnants of humanity are now on a gigantic perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. The passengers on Snowpiercer are in constant conflict about social injustice, class warfare, and the polities of survival. Melanie and Layton are the two people mostly in charge of what happens on the train. So much for season one. NOW things will get interesting with the start of season 2. Why ? Because Mr. Wilford the smartest and richest man in the world(who built Snowpiercer ) is NOT dead but alive and is on his other train BIG ALICE. He wants to control both trains and all the people inside them. SEAN BEAN is perfect as the magnificent, flamboyant, sexy, diabolical, psycho MR. WILFORD that you will lovingly despise. This is undoubtedly SEA’S best villain of his acting career. So what will Mr. Wilford do with the two trains and all the people inside them ? He also has a giant balloon flying above Big Alice. What part will this play in his plans for ULTIMATE POWER over the whole earth ? Watch Snowpiercer and find out !!