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    Please, if you don’t know much about Sean and his work do familiarize yourself. His fan base ranges from Napoleonic War history buffs to gaming fans, horror and fantasy film fans to costume romance lovers, from kids to seniors, men and women. He’s filled the shoes of such iconic characters as the noble Boromir in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the trickster Odysseus in Troy, the psychotic killer in The Hitcher, the treacherous 006 in Goldeneye, the villainous Ian Howe in National Treasure, the swashbuckling Rifleman in Sharpe, and the sensual Mellors in Lady Chatterley. He’s worked with nearly every big star in Hollywood as well as a ton of up-and-comers and is a director’s dream. So don’t think that SBO and your site may not be a good match. You might just be very surprised.

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