Why you need to see SEAN BEAN’S award winng performance in BROKEN.

Even it your NOT a FAN of SEAN BEAN you will be astonished at his command over the deep dark emotions that Father Kerrigan conveys to the audience. Sean portrays a Catholic Priest in a northern English parish trying to serve his weary, poverty stricken flock while wrestling with his own demons. Broken is written by the brilliant JIMMY McGOVERN who is the KING OF CLASS DESPAIR. He is some how able to depict humanity and compassion in even the most desperate circumstances. Jimmy and Sean have created a compelling drama that takes on the biggest problems of the Catholic church in a brutally honest way. After watching Sean (Kerrigan) as he confronts the priest who molested him as a…


It’s hard to believe that 2018 is more than half over !! Don’t let another day go by without RICHARD SHARPE telling you what day it is !! That’s RIGHT SBOL has a SHARPE CALENDAR just for you and there FREE !! Just go to the bottom of the forum pages and click on CALENDARS. Here’s (drool) AUGUST. Or you could download BROKEN or BOTH. Why not ???


Dark River opened in New York and Los Angeles on June 29. You can find out which theaters are showing this movie by looking in our forums under FLICKS AND FILMS. Ruth Wilson and Mark Stanley also star in this movie. Sean plays a farmer in Northern England with two children and many, many sheep. He’s the head of a VERY DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. How disfunctional ? Well I don’t want to spill the BEANS (LOL). So you’ll just have to watch the movie and see for yourself ! Check out the forums for more info.
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